Head and heart

Head and heart

History of a passion

"Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future." Oliver Wendell Holmes

There was once a small family business, which in the 60s started to deal with hair products in Italy. Thanks to years of experience, tenacity and winning collaborations, this young company has become a benchmark in the said sector of hairstyling and training of professional hairdressers.

This is the story of MAXXelle, this is the story of a passion.

Fifty years of experience and our professional skills have made of a small business a strong company that allowed to give birth in 2010 to its own line of high quality products, for the wellfare and care of the hair.

Now, as then, MAXXelle are aiming for better results. We test and continuously refine every aspect of the products we offer, as what matters to us is the beauty of your head.

The Founder

Origins of the brand

Massimo Feliziani, Founder & CEO President MAXXelle, joins the family company as second business generation, after an ambitious path of studies conducted in Italy and abroad. Immediately he matures his project to develop his own brand in the field of Trichology, moving towards a production with strong natural connotations.

The passion for beauty inherited from his family and the knowledge gained from years of experience, lead him to establish close working relationships with University Research Institutes, focusing on quality 100% Made in Italy, as element of differentiation of his brand. Quality that translates into research of ingredients and actives of organic and biological origin, as basis of high-performing professional products, but nonetheless respectful of the health and welfare of the hair and the person.
This is the philosophy from which MAXXelle has arisen.

Throughout the years the attention to the quality of raw materials has always remained a constant, to which was then added a growing consideration for the environmental impact. The research has in fact focused on a draft of "eco-sustainable beauty" with the introduction of compostable packaging, strategy that has enabled MAXXelle to have further plus compared to its competitors.

The story of MAXXelle is therefore the story of a passion, that has evolved over time by adapting to the "greener and greener" needs, of both professional hairstylists and consumers, with the constant aim of providing a highly performing and, the most natural as possible product.

Massimo Feliziani - MAXXelle CEO
Beauty, wellness, health

Beauty, wellness, health

It is all a matter of head. (mind)

"A thing of Beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases, it will never Pass into nothingness." John Keats

Feeling beautiful and feel good about themselves is what our Clients shall sense and this is our mission. We work every day with the goal of making your hair perfect, through the attention to details, research and professional competence.

We think we do not have to leave anything to chance. We are constantly updating and we never stop to seek the best solution.

We believe that true beauty is not just an aesthetic issue, but also and above all, it is a matter of well being. Our products are created on the belief they have to respect your hair with natural and non-aggressive elements and are, first of all, aimed at the health and wellness of the hair.

Every step forward in our laboratories is a touch of health for our customers.

The soul of MAXXelle

The people

"A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible."

Behind every great product there are always great dreamers. We started with a passion and now we have a highly qualified staff, composed by experienced, qualified experts and notable stylists who work every day to improve themselves and their products.

The enthusiasm and the desire to experiment of the beginning have joined to the experience and professionalism gained over the years, to get to the one result that we care about: the quality.

At the center of it all, as always, the people because MAXXelle is a large company built around people. People full of enthusiasm,with a real passion for excellence,and always determined to improve.

The soul of MAXXelle

Beauty, nature, research.

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